HELP !!!

Jan 28, 2014

Being too long not asking for help, that means we survive quite well. and NOW WE ARE BACK !!!!!

It is the chinese lunar new year and we used up much money for this trip to give more for the traditional red packet.

May we ask for your forgiveness when we give you a different kind of red packets ?

It will be the currency of our visited countries.

Feb 27, 2012

Would anyone come to South America and could help bring something to us ? we have two passports and some minor stuffs. If you do, please contact us.

Jan 15, 2012

We finally found out that we can buy the online pdf version by paying only US$23, and we did.

Jan 6, 2012

We need help to obtain the following book. If you or you know anyone coming from US back to Hong Kong before Jan 20, please inform us. We would like you to buy it and pass to a friend to HK so it can be transported to BsAs. Thanks

Lonely Planet South America: On a Shoestring (Shoestring Travel Guide)

Thank you


You know we are in tight budget, you know it's is our wish list for our Santas.  We would be very grateful if you could send as gift/ lend/ share/ sponsor/ offer us discounted price for any of the following:

1)  UV water Steripen

2)  outdoor water filter, something like this

3)  mosquito net

4)  a reusable board for hitch-hiking

5)  head-lamp for Maria (those $60 ones sold in Temple street)

6) a pair of walking sticks for Maria (she slipped and fell last month, and now twisted her ankle, the sticks will help release some weight for the backpack and avoid loading her injured legs more)

7) bag protectors x 2 such as this

8) walkie-talkie : better water proof, with transmission extending 5km or so, using AAA/AA batteries, so that Maria can keep in touch with me while she is taking dance class and I am doing stream trekking at different ends of a city on a rainy day.

There are more to come ...

Thank you for supporting our journey!


  1. Thank you Elise for sponsoring us a PRIMUS EtaPower multi fuel stove! It's the most versatile and environmentally friendly stove! We will have no problem making some hot food even if staying in the wild! Thank you and kisses!!!
    ~ Maria

  2. Hi Maria & Adley!

    How are you and how? Your photos look amazing.

    Robin Denny from the British Consulate rang me to say a) Can Adley email him ( with a contact phone number since he has to have a phone interview because his passport expired more than 3 years ago and b) there were no photographs with his application so he needs to get some to the consulate so that they can proceed with the application.

    All the best for the Year of the Dragon,



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