Sunday, December 18, 2011

Are we specially pessemistic or born worriers ?

Last night I had a Christmas party with the GA crew. The crew I have been with on the boat called GA since 2006. They were very excited about our world trip, also having concern such as medical insurance, the difference between pickpocket and robbery (as the later can claim insurance), transportation, food, money, work and living place after the trip etc. To them we are doing a very bold move, to me they have too many worries. A typical Hong-konger certainly has a lot of worries about such a trip with concern about what next and money. I shared a view that if next year is the end of the world, would there be difference between facing it next to the Iguazu Fall and facing it in your office with piles of work around you. I regretted not going further talking about Jesus's coming at anytime. My point at that time was to challenge their lifeviews. I sensed that they did have some reflection about "would we do that ?". They also suggested many ways of earning money along the way. They are very creative, such as writing Chinese calligraphy of sale (I should buy brush and ink, which are easier to carry than electrical egg pie machine), merchandising local products and selling online etc. They were excited, also mixed an atmosphere of missing and nostalgia.

(watching Maria doing belaying in climbing exam at the moment, kind of distracted now)

Another information I got is the trip from South America in Antarctica. The cheapest way is to wait in the port for budget seat, and that still cost USD5000 per person for a 20 days trip. It is so expensive and we may not go there.

Finally, I won the lucky draw of 3 sunscreen lip balms, which should be enough for use in these 2 years.

It was a good farewell gathering. I left 2 race shirts for Arthur for my successors, don't know if we shall take the same boat when we are back. When I said in a humorous tone that we shall not be back (who knows, but with an idea that we may settle somewhere), they were very worried, with implication that we shall lose our lives somewhere. Why do HK people so pessimistic ? No matter what, they are good people and friends of mine

Thanks to GA and crew for these years of good sailing.

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