Thursday, March 8, 2012

Enjoying the talk with the host Eduardo on the way to Asuncion

Eduardo had a long trip in previous days driving a German colleague around the area and had driven for over a thousand km. It was hard and kind of him to drive another trip back home to Asuncion. I had thought about helping him out on the driving but I was not confident in driving at night in the highway of a country that I have no knowledge about. In fact, the tired Eduardo could keep 80km/hour and crossed the opposite lane to keep the speed (there was only one lane for each direction and were many heavy trucks blocking long the way. That needed passing). He also paid for a buffet dinner where we had a better taste of cuppee. Meat made here was like in Brazil and Argentine: too much salt and done. The dinner was really good that we tried the sopa, which was like a cake made by maze. We also bought some beer in alcohol store and Eduardo enjoyed the beer drive withus and I could use the bottle opener with my ring, that I learnt from Richard in Rio de Janeiro.

see the beer we had on the trip !
On the way to Asuncion, we had a lot of topics: from Eduardo’s inheritance from Japanese (it turned out that he and Maria spoke Japanese that I was left in the back seat not understanding anything), to hisview about Japanese invasion to China that he thought history was sometimes bias to the one who said it. He had a hard time when a chinese co-worker rejected him right away once knowing he had Japanese heritage. I agree with him that mostly it was the government which waged war and did inhuman things and mostly the people suffered. However, people were also responsible for letting the government leading them do cruel things. That’s why the German deeply reflected their responsibility. I understand the result of Michigan experiment showing that people in the system could lose their individuality and critical thinking querying what the system wants them to do. However,not letting the system driving an individual's behavior and thought after self-reflection is an important part of intelligence and humanity. It really needs continual reflection of self and awareness of here-and-now.

We also mentioned our experience with the Paraguay immigration, Eduardo was upset about his country government official and he wanted to do something about it. On the drive he emailed to a lawyer friend on immigration matters. It was kind of him to speak up when facing injustice. We finally arrived his home in Asuncion.

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