Friday, April 13, 2012

Couchsurfing in Puerto Madryn

After 15 hours of bus trip, we were 1,000 km away from La Plata to Puerto Madryn. There we met our couch surfing host Yami, her name should be “LLamila”. As an anesthetist she led a middle-class life in the town, which is not her own town but there she could earn better and took less time than her working in Cordoba. She needed money for her expensive dental surgery and missed her friends and family in Cordoba. She liked dogs a lot and was happy to see our photos about dogs on the way. We spent four days and three nights in her comfortable apartment, where we could see sun rise from the sea and cook (also bake) in her kitchen. Her English was good and we had a good time speaking some Spanish with her teaching us and our exchange of English as well. We hope she liked us about the cooking; we enjoyed cooking more than her and we can share some cooking effort from her.

With sufficient time basing in there, we could go to different place in the area: Peninsula Valdes famous for seeing penguin, sea lion and if lucky orca hunting young seal on the beach; Punto Tombo for seals enjoying sun on the beach at closer distance.

We would like to thank Llamila even more for her sending the mobile phone I left in the room by courier from Puerto Madyrn to Rio Gallego. Not only was she very friendly and eager to learn our culture and cooking, she was helpful about travelling information. We wish her a good time in the year in Puerto Madyrn and success in going with Medecins Sans Frontieres, so she could travel in Africa. We hope that she could make it for the Asia trip when she would come to HK four years later for an anesthesia conference, then we could host her and take her around Hong Kong for good food.

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