Friday, May 4, 2012

Enjoying a whole day of Aqua Calientes

Crossing the border from Argentina to Chile we passed the skiing resort Villa Antonie. The area was so beautiful with lakes under sunrise. When entering Chile we saw the volcano and we were in the lake area of Chile. We asked the bus to drop us off at Aqua Calientes. Lucky us that there was a Chilean couple stopping in the cross-road finding the way and we could hitch-hike on their car to Aqua Calientes. The man recommended us to visit the desert of Acatama and at that time we were not interested in that. Who knew a week later we were there ?

Aqua Calientes was a resort area with hot spring; a part of it was an honest hot spring for locals. We paid only 3500 chilean peso per person to enjoy the outdoor hot-spring pool. Before that we went into the hiking trail nearby. It was in a forest with water fall. After an hour hike we got ready for the dip.

We brought along the empanadas that Maria made in Bariloche for the lunch next to the pool. There we stayed for the whole afternoon. We even tried to dip into the freezingly cold river next to the pool and dashed back to the pool. It really made us feel stronger against coldness. It was fun of challenge given that there was not much to do just soaking in the pool.

We took a bus back to Orsono, a small city on a highway towards the capital Santiago. However, all tickets were sold out on that night. While desperate of thinking about staying in that nothing-much-to-see town, we could finally hop on a bus, where the last two seats at the back of the upper deck were usually not sold in tickets. Lucky us that we took that overnight bus to Santiago.

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