Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buses in Bolivia

Not the first time, that it happened in Osorno and Santa Cruz. We bought a bus ticket one day ahead, told to arrive half an hour before and got our names marked on the seating plan, but turned out the bus was gone and we are allocated to another bus or brought to another bus company for another bus some half or one hour later. Our names are still on the list and it was not our handwriting, but it's still the same seat, luckily. The ride from Santa Cruz to Trinidad, we got 'upgraded' to cama of another company without paying the difference. (B$80 vs B$120)

Buses are always not on time, it's either leaving early or way late.

All bus terminal need to pay tax or a fee of B$2-5, when you take a long distance bus. There are usually gate with security guard and you can't get away by sneaking in.

Even if you paid the terminal fee, toilets in the terminal still charge B$1-2 each person.

We paid B$150 for a 12 hours bus ride from Trinidad to Rurrenabaque, the 'bus' delayed for 2 hours and we ended up taken to back of a truck, sitting among the cargo and stuck in the the middle of nowhere waiting for a ferry to cross the river.

Buses in town are much more convenience. They are called micros, usually some recycled Japanese vans or some very old small bus. Costing around B1.3-2, not a lot of space for huge backpack but clearly indicate destinations in front and can be stopped anywhere.

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