Saturday, July 7, 2012

Missing the animal sale in Otavalo, but an afternoon of handmade product market

Thanks to the bus operator, we missed Riobamba and went all the way to Quito after crossing the border into Ecuador. In the hostel of Quito on Friday we knew about the trip to Otavalo, which was famousack  for the Saturday market. However, from the hostel it costs USD25 per person with shared taxi. Luckily, our next host Carla was near to the bus station from which bus to there only cost USD 2. Therefore the next day we went to Otavalo immediately after first meeting Carla.

We would try to go early because it was said that an animal market opened from 6-10am. However, when we went to the northern terminal of Quito, there were many people and tourists queueing up for bus tickets and the bus. When we arrived Otavalo after two hours of bus journey, it was 11:30am and we just saw some people selling chicken. Therefore we went to the main plaza where handmade artesian products were sold. I was also looking forward to costume for marathon run.

There are many stores along the way, but not long later I was bored by the limited variety of souvenir. Some were even repetitive such as llama blankets and bags, wood carvings, knitting works etc. I like one headmask of knitting for running the marathon but it would be too hot. It was not cheap (USD10) too, so I dropped it reluctantly.

We also went to the central market to have lunch, we just found that roasted pig and tried it. The skin was crispy and the meat was a little salty. It should match well with beer. The young woman (called Anita) who sold us the dish was very curious of where we come from. With some English and we with some Spanish, we talked a little.

the ice-pop we tried
On the way back we bought a lot of vegetable and spice to make curry for Carla. This day became a touristy shopping day and we bought vegetable instead of handcraft.

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