Friday, December 7, 2012

The tiger woman in Verona

We were so happy to find Katell as our couchsurfing host in Verona. On the first day she brought us around the city. Quite hungry after the visits. we found it difficult to get good and cheap food in the old town. We passed by a Christmas market, in which a German sausage bun with sauerkaut sold six euro and turned us away. Manu took us to try our first panini, which was just a piece of kabab bread with ingredient of choice. It was not cheap. Mine with salami ham with cheese cost four euro, which gave better food in Hong Kong, where as local we know good and cheap gourmet. French Katell did not like that fast food. I understand that (as Chinese I shared that too but I was too hungry). After the meal we saw an old city gate. Then Katell drove us to her home.

She kept saying that it was a small home but to us it was big enough for a family of four. It even had a garden. There we met her two puffy cats, which are also new to the home (3 months). I made some dinner, shared her interest of vintage car and her work in printing company for fashion catalogue. Personally I enjoyed her car magazine and her interest of vintage car. There was even a vintage car parade trip from Milan to Rome and back. It could be fun to do so. Maria was more interested in the printing work. The catalogue was indeed very beautiful and in high quality. Manu had to work at night in a restaurant and missed our dinner. I made stir-fired vegetable noodle with sour sauce. 

After dinner, Katell was so kind to take us see Verona night. We latter knew that she had a very busy week of work and was a bit exhausted, thus were touched by her hospitality. We saw the nightline of the old city. It is beautiful.
I am satisfied with the jumping star out of the Colosseum photos

That night we also went for a small milonga. We became the youngest couple there. The DJ was terrible and did not keep us long. That ends our first day in Verona.

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