Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top five attraction in Katowice, Poland

We love exploring cities without tourists and Katowice is a place skipped by most guidebook. Our couchsurfing friends took us around during our 3 days' stay and we are happy to explore something special about this small city.

1) Miners Quarter
There is a small town called Nikiszowiec where miners used to live and the windows are distinguished by a yellow frame. You will then know, they are miners. In the residential complex itself, they are all brick buildings with red frames, where artists move in, and brides take pictures with.


2) gallery near miners quarter - Galeria Szyb Wilson
The miners are actually talented artists. The gallery displayed artwork by amateur artists, including talented miners. 

3) stadium that played third encounter music at 7pm every evening
In the city centre, there is a stadium playing "the five notes" of the movie "Close encounter of the third kind" every evening. My friend didn't realized what it was until they talked about this familiar tune.


4) horrible Le Corbuersier high rise complex for 2000 residence
I am a big fans of organic design, like Gaudi, Hunderwasser. Le Corbuersier had this aweful high rise complex built in the middle of the city to suffocate individualism, this kind of compacted high rise apartment is also a characteristic of the once communistic society and a mark of horror to me.

5) bar area - 
drinking in the street is illegal but there are bar area which is popular to this university town. youngsters would be sitting near the square for a drink and hide their bottle if a police pass by. Polices are known to prosecute those who drink in the street and deliberately avoid big guys street fighting on the other end!

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