Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finding Vitamin M along the journey

A good journey needs vitamin M to make it healthy (to us and to the Earth), innovative (to give you insight), memorable (brain cell needs vitamin too), attractive (so more of you can follow our journey). We have been thinking about different ways to find Vitamin M along the way. Some are suggested by friends and we brainstorm some. If you have more ideas and even better, help on the following, please comment and feedback.

1) writing Chinese calligraphy and sell them on the road

2) selling small egg tart (雞蛋仔) on the road

3) playing music on the road (I know harmonica and dizi)

4) cooking meals for each home hosting us (I can do Chinese, Italian, some French cuisines, Maria is good on desserts)

5) any online job (I can do psychological research, online search, statistical analysis, journal article drafting). Please write us email and I'll send you my CV, you can also search me in google scholar "Adley Tsang"

6) online counselling session through MSN, Skype, Tango

7) selling good photo along the journey : you can find the low resolution here, once you pay we sell you the full use and copyright of the high-resolution photos

8) anymore ? please suggest.

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