Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hi, family, can't you learn to say something better ?

Just had a good great dinner with my family tonight, great in terms of food and a time of family gathering. I should not ask for more. However, out of the parent's worries about our world trip, they kept telling scaring stories about people being robbed, organ being stolen etc. I know their intention of raising my awareness. In their view the world is a dangerous place. My younger brother tried to persuade my mom that it is pointless to raise such awareness, but his reason was weird. It was because I am going anyway and I am not going to listen.

There is no choice for family members. I spent so much effort to escape this pessimistic and anxiety-prone family. I expect them being proud of me doing this journey, which is out of their reality. Can't they do something better by encouraging me, showing their faith of my belief, trusting in me and supporting my decision ? Also the freaky brother says nothing about my plan, subjectively I sensed his jealousy of me. Freaky in a sense that how on earth a son does not let grandparents see their grandson ? At the end of the day, while I am still in the worry of all unpredictable possibilities in the trip, this visit to my family adds nothing positive to my trip.

As God gives me a wife to unite with, I am leaving my parent and have my family. I shouldn't take them so serious, but it is frustrating somehow that I feel negative energy passed to me from them. I lost the mood for tango that evening.

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