Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi Friends, thanks for your care

Glad to have several Christmas parties and milonga that gave good chance to say goodbye to friends. Most showed care and reminded us their worry; they appreciated our boldness and adventurous mentality. Strangely I did not feel much sad tone of missing because it is so convenient nowadays to communicate using internet. We can easily see each other through video-conferencing.

We are using different software for communication. From Skype (adleytsang, ), Tango (www.tango.me) - I like that because of the name :), MSN (adley_t@hotmail.com  suntma@yahoo.com) to google talk, of course facebook.

We also thank a lot to our friends who show support by helping out visiting our mom when we are not here. Viewing that we shall be away during lunar new year, our parents do need more care when their children are not around. We were even given changes of foreign currencies for easy use upon arrival, also Christmas gifts that we need in the trip.

Many thanks to all friends.

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