Sunday, January 29, 2012

An enjoyable Sunday with two adorable princesses

Pable and Noelia, our tango teachers, invited our Hong Kong friends to their vacation house outside the Buenos Aires city, and we followed.

It's a pity that it rains in the morning and as told, the house have more outdoor area than indoors, we are hesitated if we should still go. Our friend, Gaby, our tango teacher and his partner, Eve arrived to pick us up. Another friend of Pablo, who could have drive us decided not to go, with the 7 of us, we called an extra taxi.

Finally, with some delay, off we go.

After a month in the city, the closest to nature place we had been was Tigre, which was still a town and residential area. It was refreshing to see rows and rows of trees and green grass field.

After an hour drive, we arrived. There is a garden, a pool and 2 cute little twins waiting for us and of course, their lovely parent.

So glad to see the princesses Lucía and Ornella who can melt Pablo the father. They got his eyes (I think). There has been saying that daughters are the wife/girlfriend of the father's previous life. Pablo might be lucky enough to have two wives in previous life.

 As for Noelia, she is so fit after bearing the girls, even getting stronger on both arms for taking one on each. She said she was happy if we could take one of the girl back to Hong Kong as souvenir. Wow, then the lucky one will be the queen in Hong Kong.
We had parillas all afternoon, with wine, beer, good chat and three occasionally straying dogs.

We had some real mate for the first time, I mean we never did that in a party. The host, Noeila prepared some 90 degree Celsius hot water, drink first round, then offer to the first guest, who have to finish it and then return to the host, who prepare the next one and offer to the second guest! Everyone drink from the same cup and straw until you say thank you to the host. It's interesting and cozy!

We swim, dance and act as paparazzi with the little princesses, until they are unable to leave us without crying.

It was a wonderful Sunday, thanks to Pable and Noeila.

The weather was amazingly well when we got there and lucky we didn't stayed in the rainy Buenos Aires.

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