Saturday, January 7, 2012

La Boca and grocery adventure

It was a hot afternoon, after ice-cream at home we started off at 4pm to walk to the nearby La Boca, famous with the photos af tin-plated squatters with colorful patches. The patches came from poverty in which people can only afford a can of paint time to time to paint one side of the wall. As a community with working class people, we expected lower cost of living and cheaper groceries. Instead of the touristy La Caminito street with souvenir shops and tango dancer on the streets which we passed quickly, we went into the poorer community. It still keeps the faded colorful patches, also the grocery selling cheaper fresh products. We had a good time exploring local goods, leaving a Chinese speaking keeping asking us the facebook, work and email behind, and taking note of the working-class life there. The La Boca Junior is still resting until Autumn, we would like to go to the stadium for the football match instead of the stadium tour. That night we made Cantonese home dinner: rice, steam egg, fried tomato with potatoes.

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