Friday, January 6, 2012

Maria got shark in Sunderland

I highly looked forward to the milonga in the Sunderland Club, due to my seeing so much youtube of tango being videoed there. After a late lunch (4pm, yeah we danced till 4am the morning before) we packed two sandwishes and took a long bus trip (93) to Villa Urquiza. As Jorge highly introduced his grown-up place and the history of tango there. We were there at around 7pm expecting some class before milonga. The site was still being prepared. We walked around the in the community, found a park to have the sandwiches. Without luck we did not bump into any tango-related relics.

We went back at 9pm and waited till 9:35pm when there was a pre-milonga class. Class and milonga only cost 35 peso@. The menu was also fine with aque con gas costing only 8 peso Maria seeing everyone having big meals, can't help but ordered a meat empanadas costing 5 peso. (thanks to the waiter who was willing to give change of two 1 peso coins so that we could take bus home that night). As for the class, it was a learning of steps that I don't like. It was an hour and a half to our exhaustion. As for the milonga, the atmosphere was good and there were many locals. There were also a table of Korean with Andres (he did not recognize me, maybe because of my changed outlook). Dancing with locals ? No luck for me, but there was a suited chico inviting Maria to dance. He kissed her right after entering the hall. He seems like not being welcomed by the locals here. I heard from Maria afterwards that he kept rubbing her while dancing and she was too shy to reject him right away. I have to rescue her by taking her out to dance when he invited her for the third time. We left early than expected (3am) because we were out for the whole day and felt tired and the shark was still spotting her.

The music was good, the cost was fine, and the atmosphere was good. I shall keep going there every Saturday and hope that one day I look familiar and could invite local one day.

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