Thursday, January 5, 2012

La Marchal@El Beso, where there are only leaders and followers but not male or female

After a hearty dinner with home-made baked orange chicken and sangria, we went to a homosexual-friendly milonga in El Beso. We started off at midnight, although it started at 10:30pm. It was a half an hour wait of the bus, which took around 15 minutes to get to El Beso at Riobamba 416. At first we were surprised by the entrance fee (30 peso each) higher than La Confiteria Ideal. After a long bus wait (29) and finally getting there, we gave it a try. Ordering was also compulsory too, so we paid 22 for a litre bottle of beer. It could have been the price of a large pizza in Ugi's already.

It was a good sight to see man leading man, woman leading woman, woman leading man and of course man leading woman. Here there were only leaders and followers, not gender defined. My cabeceo didn't work to invite local people but only a Swiss and a Swedish to dance with me. The atmosphere was good and I was glad seeing most of the time and not much dancing. We danced till 4am. We were lucky to wait only for a few minutes for the 24 bus to go home. The next day we slept till 1pm and missed the jogging.

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