Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dancing in the afternoon milonga - La Matine de La Ideal

We started the day as usual: bible study, jogging in the nearby park, brunch and self-study, we went to our first milonga in BsAs - La Matine de la Ideal at La Confiteria de Ideal.

May I go back a little on the Spanish learning first. We seemed to improve from knowing nothing to barely some words. It is better having a partner to study together, which I haven't done before (I used to study by myself). Maria has a better grasp of language than me, although we both found learning a new language more difficult at our age.Dissolving in the environment and solving problems at life do push our motivation to learn a language. Thanks to Reina for the two writing board. With lack of writing tools we use them on doing exercise and copying words, like when we had started learning language in childhood. Copying does help.

23 peso each on entry fee was low in HK standard but still a lot for our daily budget. Viewing that it was our first milonga we dared to go for it. Also we did not want to go for overnight milonga and spoiled our healthy daily routine. I like the interior design with pillars and the high ceiling decorated with floral graze. Bringing water ourselves we found a table next to the marble tiled floor and decided to order nothing.  My first tanda with Maria was a salon and I felt the atmosphere given by the design not by the people, most of them in their fifties or above. Only the tourists were younger. We did see a couple of rocket flying around in their sixties. The floor was quite smooth that my giro was so easily done that also gave Maria a good impression to the viewers. Then invitations for Maria were non-stop, not only because she was the youngest and most beautiful lady on the floor but also people found she danced well. With a sprang ankle she could not push too herself too much. My next tanda after Maria was the invitation from a 70s year-old woman named "Otieria (?)". Later I found that she was one of the best tangueras that afternoon. In open embrace her open arm was very strong, to me it was stiff. It was enjoyable dance.

We danced till 8pm, then went to grocery shopping at CarreFour, where we realized that drinking large bottle was quite a nuisance here. We had to pay 2.75 peso more for the bottle; we could take empty ones to waive the bottle charge in the next beer purchase. However, how on early we bring empty bottles around for grocery shopping ?

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