Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A more normal day, at least the market is open

On the bed on the second day, we discussed about what we shall be after two years. If we are having a hectic life in BsAs like in Hong Kong, we shall become nothing but tourists with a forgotten trip. We should have a more scheduled life with some objective, or actually are we too used to the HK life emphasizing a life with objectives and outcomes ? Can't we just live and see what God put before us ? To feel more secure we set some schedule, so as to get ourselves prepared for future challenges: bible study after waking up from bed, then jogging in the nearby park, brunch, afternoon activities include going around the city, taking language/tango class, research for Antarctica and South America trip, preparing the gears, or finding living place for February. It is still quite a busy life, however it is different from Hong Kong that we do them with less distractions and these tasks are more directly related to nearer future.

Under where we live there is a grocery store opened by Chinese. There is a young woman called Ms Wong who just came from Mainland China to BsAs for 2 years. She introduced a Spanish language school opened by Chinese. After having brunch (the small eggs made by the pan we took from Hong Kong - our first trial), we decided to give a visit on Av Corrientes, after not calling the school successfully. It was a half hour walk and we missed the junction under strong sun, forgetting to bring a sandwich along, we are on the verge of paying another expensive dine-out. Thanks God we walked into a traditional pizza house called Uza (?) selling only one kind of pizza - mozzarella cheese pizza. A whole one cost 18 peso and 1/4 cost 4.75. It is a very honest pizza house. We bought our 1/4 pizza with speaking only one Spanish word in the whole process : delicioso !!! what came before was only body language.

We have too much to learn in the language, so there should be enough motivation for joining the suggested school. However, we were disappointed by the Chinese lady who claimed profession on language teaching studied in Germany, just because his husband was German in Goethe Institute. When I asked if there is any course schedule and syllabus, she could not give a concrete answer. How come a teacher trained in Germany which emphasizes a lot on planning and system, does not write teaching plan ? Costing 420 peso per person for 24 1.5 hour course was not expensive in Hong Kong level of living, but it was our one-week-expense. Bringing Berlitz "Essential Spanish" and an iphone under wifi, we decided to study by ourselves.

Another objective of our exploration was to find the market in San Telmo. To our disappointment there was not much fresh food sold there. We also found a CarryFour store on Av. Corrientes where we bought ice-cream, beef, beer and cheese for our big home-made steak dinner. We were quite tired after a whole day of walking and then cooking. We both fell asleep and forgot about Salon Canning that we expected to go after dinner. Not getting in touch of tango community in BsAs, we only knew from Hong Kong about the sad news of Andrea Misse's death. To me, she is a beautiful fire on dancefloor that I felt pity of not having a chance of inviting her to dance, but an embrace in the class with her when I was in Taipei was memorable enough. My heart throbbed in the embrace. Miss you, Andrea. Wish you rest in peace.

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