Friday, January 13, 2012

Our first parrilla, thanks Osvaldo

After Fruto Dulce we woke up late again, we went harder on the self-learning in Spanish. Then we went to Cotto, a local supermarket, to buy wine and soda lime to make Sangria so as to bring to Osvaldo's party. We went there on Friday because of the previous week there that we could get 15% off discount on HSBC credit card. However, we couldn't get that again without knowing why, with our limited Spanish we couldn't negotiate that back. It was probably due to our credit card not issued by HSBC South America.

After a half-hour bus trip we got to Osvaldo's place, we were so happy to see parrilla stove on the rooftop while he was busy setting up the fire. A meal like this in restaurant could cost at least 50 peso, that would be our meals of 2-3 days. It was also Gwen's birthday. A great bonus was the live-tango music by a band featuring the beautiful voice of Natalia Mancini. 

Osvaldo and I were talking about making a Chinese lunar new year party again with so many friends coming to Hong Kong also Angel would stay there too. We shall cook Chinese food !!!

Also we were glad to meet so many tango friends, including Isabel. Thanks Osvaldo.

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