Thursday, January 12, 2012

Supposed to be in the zoo ...

We planned a week ahead that we would go to the zoo in Buenos Aires. With second thought we changed our mind because such visit would mean supporting wild animals being taken away from the habitat but to cities for human. You can disagree with better reasons (if so please tell us), but we decided to go for the second class in BsAs. It was by Judy and Jon, an American couple in BsAs for decades teaching tango. We went to the Confiteria Ideal in the afternoon for the class. It cost 45 peso each (a bit expensive), but it was nearly a private class because there were only two female beginners and one Argentine man.

Jon was very eager to each us on the start of the dance, walk and basics. His last motto to us in the class was to be bold - keep dancing in the tanda even if we don't feel right, just go on and don't think! It was a good afternoon to revise basics. They were eager to introduce themselves to us on private class (around 300 peso a session with studio at their home). However we were in a long trip and couldn't afford that. They told us that they wanted to come to Hong Kong to teach, but it would be two years after because of our trip, also they impressed us as another similar couple in Hong Kong who were extremely enthusiastic about their own view of tango... hm... personally not my cup of tea. Thanks for their eagerness to teach. We are glad to see a couple who dived into the art so eagerly and stayed in BsAs for long. Wish them luck in the coming US trip.

Afterwards we went to a nearby shoe-shop, I was eager on a pair in discount (only left hand, only 380 peso) but it did not have my size... How can I find a tailor made one ?

After taking a break at home we started out long-looking forward La Boca grocery shopping spree. As a working class community its grocery was cheaper than many parts of BsAs. A huge chicken of 2.5kg costs only 20 peso, not to say the boca de lomo costing only 40 peso a kilo. We had a good time buying cheese, potatos, beef, herbs, chicken etc. If I have had brought enough cash I would have bought the fresh ox tongue (it was much more difficult to buy fresh in Hong Kong). It should make a good stew.... 

We immediately made a good beef dinner at home. See !!! The rice was cooked with chicken soup made from the bones. The carrots tasted so natural, the yummy boca de lomo and the Malbec were so matched. We were so full that we slept where we were and forgot about going out for milonga...

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