Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tango@Fruto Dulce

Due to Salon Canning the night before, when we went to bed at 4am in the morning, we woke up (unexpectedly) at 1pm in the afternoon. We have planned to wake up early as the nearby museum of contemporary art has free admission on Wednesday (even on other days it is only 1 peso). It has been very hot these days. It was a very good occasion to enjoy cheap air-conditioning and hang out in the whole afternoon. Some collections stimulated good thoughts, for example, the series of photos by Ajeno about street corners, grounds, entrances showing how a city expects boundaries between indoor and outdoor, pavements and roads, vertical and horizontal planes, among different tiles etc.

After a hearty homemake dinner we went to Fruto Dulce@Club Villa Malcom (only 25 peso each), we were tricked by the bus again (the same number could give different routes). We had to walk around 20 blocks to get there and we were late for the class by Adrian. We then waited an hour enjoying the beer and the tango magazine before the milonga began. Without reservation we could still take a corner table overseeing the dance floor. As we had the show by Sebastian Achaval y Roxana Suarez in mind, we were glad that there was only one table in front of us. The dance floor was packed. With luck I could invite a local Argentine tanguera to dance but the dance only ended in one song of the tanda. (I did not bump to anyone, but I felt a bit difficult leader her because my body was not strong on the lead). She expressed thank for my invitation but my heart was broken... Later I invited a mature woman in red dress who had been walking around but had no chance to be invited. In fact she did not dance badly but it was the cruel reality that younger women got higher chance of being invited. The sound that night was not good with several technical errors. On the whole the atmosphere was good, with good show by Sebastian y Roxana.

We were lucky to catch a bus (168) home, it was 5am (again) when we got home. How can we have a healthy schedule with tango like that ?

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