Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tango@Salon Canning

Planned a week before, we still start off late for the pre-milonga class led by Julio in Salon Canning. He is my favorite vals dancer. We were tricked by the bus line (there could be three different lines for the same bus number, without extra mentioning on the bus) and had to walk around ten blocks.  Luckily we can still listen to half the class. Julio looked slimmer than I had seen. He and Corina was my second overseas tango teachers when I started tango in Hong Kong 7 years ago. At that time their teaching was difficult to me, and our standard was a bit low to their eyes that I thought they may have lost patience with us. That's why I was so eager to meet him again for the class. Corina was not there and Julio was teaching around 20 couples on vals steps and musicality. I missed that so much and hoped that I could come earlier next time.

As for the milonga, without reservation we were lucky to be on the third circle table (table set-up in milonga here were in concentric circles surrounding the dance floor). The assumed stars and VIP could have reserved tables even they may not come, tourists with previous bookings sometimes may get to the inner circle, but those not reserving could be assigned to the outermost tables.35 peso each was really in good value because of a live band by Orquestra Unitango and tango show by Andre y Andressa. It is much better value than tourist tour costing a few hundred peso for a tango show in a pub. There were still many tourists around though. Maria was lucky enough to have several dances and I took some good shots with romantic ambiance..

I'll be more punctual next time to take Julio and Corina's pre-milonga class next time. Luckily we could find a bus and no need for a long wait. When we went to bed, it was 4am already.

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