Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanks, Justine and Ming ... "What ? you are leaving tonight ?"

During our manic last minute packing, our two dear friends, Justine and Ming offered to have dinner with us before we go. There were two French stone crabs in the freezer, so we tried to finish it, along with some broccoli and pasta.  To our surprise, they bring in a rather sumptuous dinner, however, we are out of time and kept on packing, while they eat and chat.  Then, we called a taxi.  We told them, we are going now, you may stay a longer while if you wish.  They asked, where are you going?  We said, “To the airport!”  “Tonight?”  “Yes!”  It’s was hilarious that, they thought we are leaving on 30Dec evening.  And we got two good friends seeing us off on the taxi!

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