Thursday, December 29, 2011

Packing 2 years of things in 3 hours !!!

On the last day before set-off we were still very busy collecting things for the trip: foreign currencies, a repaired computer (but we left it in Hong Kong !!!), the last hair-cut in Hong Kong, eye-checking. There was too much waiting time and traffic jam. Finally I got home at 7pm, 3 hours before setting off at 10pm. We were fanatic packing things up into the rucksack, even including unnecessary things in my wallets: coupons, membership cards, extra credit cards etc. Worse are my backup harddisk which I should leave behind but now on the way, and leaving the new laptop which I too so long to wait for repairing on the last day. 

At home the rucksack was repeated in packing because the lb mark in the scale was mistaken as kg, all our rucksacks were twice heavier than expected and we had to repack again.
With an easy taxi trip we went to the airport and hopped to the plane with leisure, unlike my previous trips when getting onto the plan always linked with lateness and hassle. After 10 hours of uncomfortable flight, we are in Frankfurt

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