Thursday, December 29, 2011

Farewell Hong Kong...for a little while

Christmas is about getting together...I had a real good time having lunch, tea, dinner, drinks and parties with friends and colleagues and loved ones- friends who are/was colleagues; colleagues who are family; family who are friends...

Thank you for sending me away in style with massive food and drinks-dumplings in mid levels, sumptuous party food in office happy corner, Chinese dishes in Tung Chung, Italian lunch in Headland, homemade cookies, jumping frog hotpot, Aberdeen fish market seafood, Grand Hyatt steaks, Marriott dimsum, fois gras, oysters, chocolate orange slices, glutinous rice, illy coffee, wine, mulled wine, champagne, hugs, kisses and kind words.

I'll miss you all even if I've got no time to meet up before I go, my gratitude for your love, care and prayers, catch me along the trip or we'll meet again soon.

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