Friday, December 30, 2011

Frankfurt, wurst und bier

7am in the morning we are in Frankfurt airport. Getting on to an airport train we went to a huge Frankfurt train station where we took LRT (line 11) to a suburb of nowhere. We took the opposite direction then we expected because it was 4 degree Celsius out there and we desperately wanted to get indoor. After 15 minutes of trip we found a bakery then we took off. There we had our first meal overseas, bread covered generously with sunflower seeds and another bread with cheese, then coffee. Maria was impressed by the former bread a lot.

Then we took the same line back to downtown. We passed a grassed plaza with tents surrounded by modern commercial building (occupied Frankfurt ?)

We took off when we saw a plaza surrounded by churches and Germanic styled building. There we come to Domplaz with a Gothic church. There is a relic site of another part of the church destroyed by war. The site is also used for theater school. 

We walked and found an indoor market (Kleinmarkthall). How come Maria and I always went into something we wanted ? This time it was food and we paid 6 euro for a dish of mixed sausages, got full at noon already.

By the way, so as not to disappoint you, Maria mentioned about having Eisbein in Germany. We had that in the Frankfurt train station before setting off for the flight to Argentina

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