Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We are over with the coins, but still have problems getting on a bus!

Now we've got Sube! Once we join the 'club', life is much more easier. Despite the fixed office hour for the small shops in recharging the card, (even if the shop still open, recharge service may have already finished) least it's easy finding some recharge place than to get the card and we don't need to worry about no coins to get on a bus anymore!

The next problem is finding the bus stop!

We found these two sites helpful in searching which bus to take:

But they can't tell you exactly where the bus stop is!

Well, we know the street where that bus located, so we usually have to walk along the street to find it.

But the bus stops are so hidden! Unless a group of people waiting, which make it easier, sometimes you can't really tell where the bus stop sign is. The post is sometime tilted, hidden under a tree or it's just an old torn piece paper stick on a pole! It's almost like treasure hunt!

Okay, even when we get on a bus, we need to tell the driver in Spanish where we wanna go, and according to each destination, he would charged you differently. Lonely Planet only told us most bus fare are Ar$1.25, but we found that a shorter trip could be something like Ar$1.1. So we need to search on the street before we go somewhere and remember the streets of our neighborhood in order to head home!

What's more? There are different route for the same numbered bus, sometimes it's listed as a,b,c but other times, it's only shown on the destination. We are tricked twice taking a bus in the same station to Salon Canning and ended up a completely different route each time even though we got on a same numbered bus!

Last problem is the bus schedule, we seems unable to find bus time even in Guia T, the bus system guidebook nor online. It's not a big problem in daytime, but we had been waited almost an hour for a bus outside Sunderland at 3am!

Well, we are still learning to become a porteña. Way to go!

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