Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to tango again y class y practica

A good thing about staying in Palermo is that it is so near to tango classes, milonga, practica and all related shopping.

There is a tango school only few blocks away, DNI Tango. DNI is a school by Dana with very systematic teaching and instructor training. New teachers get trained by observing classes of more experienced teachers. They can sustain by leading one on one practica costing less than private class, but as they are experienced dancers, for us, they are good enough to give feedback and advise. We took a group class and the practica featuring Gaby and his partner. In the practica I tried to review what I learnt in group classes so far. Either I forgot, especially for AyA class, or I was stuck in putting what I drew on paper to my body. Feeling frustrated about the time and money spent on that, I lost mood in taking more classes. (M: Dancing is about body memory, which takes time. Instead of using your brain, just let your body move repetitively with some new steps until the movement becomes part of you...I'm not a good dancer, as I'm lazy! :P )

Going to Pablo and Noelia's practica was an enjoyment. It was a bar on a first floor of Independencia and Columbus. The owner of the dance place, full of titles on floor and wall, has a pair of adorable twin boys with blonde curly hair running around with full energy. Costing only 20 peso each, the class and practica also served pies, cakes and Mate. We finally tasted mate here. Everyone shared the cup and drank from the same straw, that is common here. Mate served here tastes less spicy than those I had in HK, and more soothing.

Back to the classes.

I'm learning to be more aware about the chest movement and my partner's comfort, and being more conscious of relaxing my spine which affect my axis. Still having a lot of problems remembering steps sequences, through body and brain. Drawing steps down doesn't work because it can't describe intention and leading. So far I haven't felt much comfort dancing here except once in la galeria.

More work to be done...

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