Friday, February 10, 2012

The jaw-dropping Iguazu - II

On the next day we woke up early, made breakfast with the remaining gas, thanks to the next door neighbour who borrowed gas to boil water for our pasta. We packed everything and started off at 10:30 am (the next tenant was waiting from 10am for us moving out. It was a walk of 5 blocks under heavy rucksack. We dropped everything in the bus station and went to the Iguazu theme park for the second time.

We went to what we missed last time, the lower level of the fall near the cataratas station. There we saw the birds which hanged themselves on the side of the cliff next to the water fall. We also grasp a good look of the falls at the path to the "ferry" for San Martin Island; got soaked for free (not by joining the boat tour) but walked very closely to a fall.

Time ran quick and it was 3pm already, we went to the Diabo Throat again. Because of the rain last night there were much more water and it was more noisy and breathtaking. I can't resist taking the picture for the self-portrait. In the evening time the sun was falling and in that direction we can see a clear rainbow on the throat (we did the day before with a full rainbow bridge too). The view will be one of our best memories in the trip and we wanted more. 

Not eager to leave, we did and back on the bus to Foz du Iguazu, the Brazilian town next to the Fall and there we found the youth hostel for camp easily. Now we were in Brazil.

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