Saturday, February 4, 2012

New home, Tigre again, and la fiesta del lomo

Thanks to Anne, Carrie and Eva, who let us couch surf at their apartment for a week before going to Iguazu and Brazil.

We are comfortable there and more importantly we can keep cooking daily.

With the prelude of soy sauce chicken, dumplings and sweet and sour ribs (by Nathalie) for the ladies, Gaby, Eva and Fernando in celebrating Lunar New Year before we moved in, we are turing every meal to a fiesta at the house during our stay. Good food is best to share! I'm glad to feed the ladies well.

The groceries in the area of Palermo is 10-20% more expensive than San Telmo but the pavement is in better condition. So Maria needs less attention on walking. (M: so Adley need less attention over the dog's poo!)

We visited Tigre again for the art museum. With bad luck, we missed again because it was closed for maintainence for two weeks from Feb 1. We still felt fine to have one afternoon of fresher air and less bustle than Buenos Aires. There is also free boat trip organized by the government on that day (Friday) but it needs prior booking by email or phone. We also found a free concert by an old bandoneónist, Dion Saluzzi, playing with a band in that beautiful museum on feb 10, but we shall be gone by then.

We rushed back to buy lomo in BsAs, it was not easy to find meat shop with good price in the Palermo area. We walked over ten blocks and finally went back to the meat store with red wall near the apartment. We got lomo costing 46 peso per kg.

We finally went home at 8pm. Cooking of beef won't take long, but a little tricky for seven persons with different favorite level of meat done. With consideration that the lomo was brought out from the chilled room and in thick cut, I browned them on a pan, then thrown all into the oven. They turned out to be medium to medium done, with some juice spilled out but the meat was still tender. I also used the beef juice as sauce for a large tray of tomato spaghetti. All food was gone, everyone was extremely full and fulfilling! But actually, I don't think we would mind just another piece of lomo. It's so tender, meaty and its rich aroma was completed with the Mendoza Malbec selected by Eva and Nathelie.

Es bueno lomo! Es bueno vino!

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