Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Brazil Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

We have heard so much about the Brazil Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and it's truely amazing.

A world annual event, taking whole year to prepare, with international tourists flying all over the world to participate, with accommodation - from hotels, youth hostels to camping on roof top charging at least 3 times higher than usual, flocks of tourist paying a handsome amount for Sambadomo tickets and Carnival packages or to the extend of being a part of the parade - all of these reflect a great economic drive around this very established world event.
It's our first time in Brazil and it's our first carnival. We don't know much about it. Just the homepage about Sambadomo, or sites selling expensive carnival packages.

Actually, we found Carnival and parade not only happened in Rio de Janiero but in many other South American cities during the week or month of the forty days before Easter Sunday. It had a long tradition, related to Christianity, European culture, African culture and Aboriginal culture . It happens in Sao Paolo, Salvador (Brazil), Barranquilla (Colombia), Oruro, Santa Cruz, Tarija and La Paz (Bolovia), Montevideo (Uruguay), Los Tambores de Bariovento and Los Diablos de Yare (Venezuela) and so many more, all at the similar time, some bigger or smaller in scale and others longer or shorter in duration.

Carnival in Rio include free parties and parades in the street, where people dressed up in costumes, dancing and drinking, with live music, drumming and dancing.  While the Sambadomo is the show of the year, in four consecutive days, from 7pm till the next morning, where expensive tickets are sold, for each night individually and there will be live TV show all night long.

 Locals who cannot afford the expensive tickets could either watch the match in from afar in the streets, riverside or flyover, or on TV.

We managed to find a second hand tickets at 3am in the morning for one of the night, got a very good seat on ground level, next to the judges and got these beautiful pictures.

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