Saturday, June 9, 2012

We've got fined again! by corruptive Bolivian official - photo proof

Leaving Bolivia, on the way from Copacabana to Cusco, we passed the customs at Puno. When showing our passport with the custom form, the officer told us to complete a new form as the one we've kept is torn and broken on the edge. Alright, we filled it up and then he asked for TWENTY BOLIVIANO EACH! Adley tried to argue with him but no use. We have finished all Boliviano, except a few coins before leaving the country and he need to rush out for exchanging some money.

We then asked for a receipt after he chopped exit on our passport and the guy keep saying no. Another tourist helped us translate but the guy pretended not to listen and acted busy. Again, no receipt means no proof and means corruption.

Gosh! We've got robbed by another corrupting official again!

To kept ourselves safe, leaving the country in one piece and  able to catch the same bus, I rushed Adley away, to avoid more trouble.

Lesson to learn: keep your custom form nice, clean, neat and tidy to avoid giving them an excuse to fine you!

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