Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiking in the snowy Norwegian forest

We came back to Bergen earlier than we wanted so we could join some hiking with Ingvild and Bjarne in the weekend. After breakfast we started easily to a hiking trail near Bergen. According to Bjarne it was not a usual tourist hiking trail and we also saw mostly local going there.

After half an hour drive we reached Hausdau and there was a track upward into the valley. It was not snowing at start but there was more later. The snow on the way was powder-like and deep and sometimes it reached to our thighs.

After two hours we reached the top of the valley, there was a cabin in which a cafe kitchen was operating. We enjoyed our lunch and pay 20 Nkr (about HKD28) for a cup of instant powder hot chocolate, just to pay tribute to the operator and the cabin who stood here in windy and snowy valley to give warm to passer-by.

Then we walked down the same route and slided along the snow slope. It was fun! After an hour and a half we went back to our car and drove back home. That ended our pleasant Sunday day hike. Then Ingvild and Bjarne prepared some traditional Norwegian specialty, 'Rømmegrøt' for dinner.  'Rømmegrøt' is a thick sour cream porridge served with raisin, sugar, butter and cinnamon, with crispy flat bread (Flatbrød) and ham as sidedish. It was very filling.

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