Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot spring in a castle : An relaxing afternoon in rainy Sirmione

Feeling so comfortable couchsurfing in a farmhouse in Paitone, it is not easy to leave for a day trip. We pushed ourselves because hotspring really attracts us. It was a raining Wednesday and we walked downhill on a trail which turned to a stream. Our shoes were all wet but with hotspring in mind we did not care much our wet feet. With some efforts we went to nearby tobacco store to buy bus ticket (otherwise we had to pay 1 euro more than the 1.9 euro bus trip) to Rezzato and then switched to another bus (there we had to pay 1 euro more because we found no tobacco store around) to Sirmione.

It is a long peninsula on the lake of Garde. The cute small castle greeted as at entrance and after that we were on a closed peninsula on the lake. The lake water was so blue. A pity that it rained otherwise it should be quite difficult. I can imagine that in summer the small castle on the lake would be very beautiful. We sneaked into the castle to look around while the entrance fee should be 4 euro each.

After continuing our “one gelato a day”, we went around the peninsula on the coast. It was windy and cool. We went to the tip and found the Roman ruin of wealthy residence. The entrance is another 4 euro. We saw that was only an outdoor ruin and there was no sun. So we skipped it.

We walked back and found the only hotspring center on the tip of the peninsula. The Aquaria Termal Wellness Centre costs 27 euro each for 3 hours use of all the hot pool, with effervescent beds, hydromassages, vascular paths and aromo-chromatic showers.The price was fine for us, so we just used the hotspring but not the additional massage service (which cost 80 euro for 50 minutes of spa treatment, which was a bit expensive). We made full use of three hours to try all the facilities, especially the hydromassage, which I saw no difference from a spa massage treatment.

When we left it was getting dark and we took the bus to Brescia. Before we left we took some good night view of Sirmione castle town.

We were lucky to use the same tickets without buying new one as the driver let us in. A poor thing was that the driver was having such a good mood in the rainy day and it crashed to the back of a stopped car near to Brescia. In order to catch the time we walked for about ten blocks to the train station to be picked up by Erika.

It was such a relaxing time in Sirmione and within the castle wall there was so much to see and also the hot spring behind.

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