Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ten things that I love about Morocco

1) Food! Food! Food!
Tajine, couscous, tanjia, kafta, baklava and pastries - food are irresistible in Morocco, cost of living is low compared to most countries.  Despite getting bored with the similar list of menu after a while, they are finger-licking good!

2) Beauty Secret
Most Morocco women have beautiful soft skin. I asked a few of them and they said they don't use any skin care product! The only connection I can make is Hammam - the public bath and furious scrub that helps deep exfoliating and made their skin soft like baby. I can't resist going to hammam whenever possible.  Furthermore, I think, by covering their faces, with the hijab, iit helped to avoid UV, dust and oxidation. 

3) The unique beauty product
Although there are many places that produce acorn nuts and black olives, Morocco is the only producer of Acorn oil and black olive scrub in the world! Local women think acorn oil are too expensive for them, but they do use black olive scrub during Hammam.  If you are buying them from repackaged department stores or US online shop, they are much much much more expensive. American beauty websites say acorn oil works better than Botox, only more natural, while the black olive smooth your skin when you scrub. 

4) Welcome greetings all over us
We always receive all kinds of greetings, while we were walking down the street, especially in Fes and Merrakech, that make us feel special.  We got all kinds of Asian greetings, like 'ohaiyo' in the evening, singing gannam style, 'xie-xie' in saying hi, and sometimes more creative guess of 'Thai'? 'Vietnam'? Well, it's funny sometimes as I guess they don't really know where these places are! And I'm amazed that they have such talent in language, as some can really speak a few words in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. (But we are from Hong Kong and they always got it wrong!)

5) Beautiful nature
Sunset at the Sahara is never to be missed and we hope to rock climb in Torda Gorges next time.

6) Morocco do have wine
Morocco wine brings us big surprise. They are actually not bad - though you could find better ones with the same price in any supermarket in Bordeaux. But we are surprised to try a few good ones.

8) Wonderful oranges and tomato of Morocco
Morocco oranges are in fact much sweeter and cheaper than Sunkise.  We always get a glass or more of the orange juice everyday to quiche our thirst in the medina of Merrakech. On the other hand, Morocco got really good tomatoes, juicy and cheap.  It also has increasing export of tomato to EU. For instance, in the period between the 1st and the 14th of April 2013, Morocco had exported a total of 20.05 million kilos, 6 percent more than in the same period last year to the EU.

9) Fun to get lost in the medina
The medina of Merrekesh, Fes, Tétouan and Essaouira are all in the UNESCO Heritage list, representing the unique historical art and architecture.  They are also the unique example of a living historic town with its tangle of lanes, its houses, souks, fondouks, artisanal activities and traditional trades.  Apart from local eateries, souvenirs, farmers products, there are old trades like tannery, wool weaving, blacksmith, carpentry, old bakery that people still go with their dough and pay some small money for baking their own bread. Its almost like time travel, experiencing life hundreds years ago. 

10) Amazing Islamic architecture
The white wooden carving in the mosque and palace in Merrakech is a wonder. The stunning architecture and carpentry is one of its kind. 

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