Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year eve in Buenos Aires

After 12 hours of flight from Frankfurt (we were lucky to be among the last batch of stand-by passengers), we final touched down Ezeiza airport, Buenos Aires. We followed the advice from Lonely Planet and found the bank next to the airport exit. It was closed but the ATM machine was on. We also followed to find the yellow cab booth for a taxi trip to the pre-booked shared apartment. It cost us 180 Pesos. The driver even wanted to trick us for the extra toll (17Peso) and gave the small changes which we didn't know off (the 50 cents looked like the 1 peso coin). Maybe there would be bargain for the taxi driver approaching us on exit.


The apartment looked the same in the photos but 50 years older. We like the atmosphere but things were so old that it looked like falling apart easily. The oven in kitchen was not working.

However the host family was very friendly that the hostess offered to wash the clothes for us with her washing machine. They even invited us to their family dinner in this new year eve. Although I may want to go to count down milonga, especially the one in Club Sunderland on Saturday and also new year eve count down, I would rather joining local family dinner. It is a family with 2 boys and 2 girls. We tried our rusty Spanish without success. The children helps us and their parents translating.

After dinner, we talked and drank till the count-down, when we kissed each other. Then we went out to the balcony of the apartment looking at firework by local community on the street. Also there were drunk people blocking the street with a junk washing machine and banging on it

Feliz Año Nuevo !!!

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