Saturday, February 18, 2012

Street parade in Rio de Janeiro

Second day in Rio we first went to the National Library where we saw how a country took her archive seriously. It is under the law that all publications in Brazil should send one copy there, including government documents. Hong Kong is far backward in this.

Then we went to Convento Santo Antônio, where we saw a church with all golden interior.

We then went up to the small hill of Santa Teresa and got ourselves a good spot to overlook the street parade.

It really made me wanna dance with the rhythm. The percussion group was so well trained that it drove the energy of the people in the street. There was also the theme song distributed and we sang along.

The rhythm is from this song with lyric changed "Quem sabe sobe" (Rasec), desde 1990

<Grito de Alerta> 

O bonde de Santa Teresa
Nao quer ir na historia ao ponto final,
Nao pode ser sucateado e nem maltratado
Isso nao e legal
So promessas, cao, pra nada acontecer !
E o bonde agaoniza nos trilhos   (Bis)
Pedindo ajuda pra sobreviver

Canto meu grito de alerta,
A hora certa fazemos nos.
Esta no dedo na urna
A cura na gente daquilo que doi.

Vem, Seu Nelson,
Levar meu bonde nesse Carnaval.
O Seu Cabral perdeu a linha
E foi parar em Portugal.

Vem nesse bonde meu amor,   (Refrao)
Me usa e abusa.
O meu samba te encanta,
Quem sabe sobe com a Carmelita
Descalca e a pe em Santa

On another day we followed our host Julia to attend a morning parade (it was especially for the good kids who did not sleep late the previous night, or for bad kids who went through the whole night to attend this morning event). We sang and walked along the road, blocked traffic and it was fun to join in that.


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