Saturday, August 17, 2013

A natural hotspring unknown by many locals in Poprad, Slovakia

There are over 150 hot springs around Slovakia. Not all are touristy hot spring resorts, but some are undeveloped natural area, only frequented by privileged few who knows the secret. Our friend Brandon took us to one of them.

The touristy and the non-touristy choices

There is a water theme park in Poprad, named Aqua City
a family spa centre cum hotel complex, health center and restaurants, which is filled with geothermal water, well-known in the High Tatras area of Slovakia. However, 15km away from Poprad, in the town called Ganovce, has another source of geothermal water only known by very few locals. 

The natural rhythm of the natural geothermal spa

It's actually a pipe that flow 26 degree Celsius mineral water randomly, every 15-30mins, for about 30 minutes every time, 24 hours a day. 

Curing joint problems in a month

People will wear swimsuits and queue up for a splash of the gush. It is believed that the mineral water contained property that cure joint problems.  We are told that many who have neck pain, back pain and joint problems came here everyday, continuously for one month and have been fully recovered. 

A spa party for some

The place, near the open field, is free to visit and opens all year round, any in the day and night. In the evening,there are guys bringing beer to the place, getting drunk and run naked to the spring and had some crazy party in the field.

Who owns it?

We are told that the pipe belonged to the government but the land belonged to an 85-year-old lady, who refused to sell the land, hence it had not turned into a commercial bath. 

The other bath in Ganovce

There is in fact another pool nearby, also in Ganovce, that people need to pay for entry. That pool used to be an ancient Roman bath, but left empty during the Soviet time. The ruins was further destroyed when time passed and it was newly reopened a few years ago.

How does the water feels like?

At our free spa, the water was actually warmer than open air with the cool wind.  The gush of water also varied in strength. Hence when it is strong, it also give massage to our back and should but we need to be flexible and move on our own in all creative ways.

Coming all he way from Hong Kong to visit his little spa!

It was fun queuing up to wait for a splash. The locals are rather curious to find two Chinese being there and gave us a friendly look. 

What you need for the enjoyment?

We brought our own mattress, swimsuits and enjoyed the water and the sun for an afternoon. Some snacks could make it like a picnic!

The archeological discovery

In the village, there was also a cave relics presenting the discovery some years ago for the pre-historical human "Neanderthal" (approximately 105 000 years).  A human brain without skull was found in that location, as it was protected by the mineral of the geothermal water in this area.

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