Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Georgians could be explosive

wanna complaint against this "hotel"
Not only kids like playing with firework anywhere in the street, Georgian themselves are explosive in character. We met an old female beggar along Rustavili Avenue in Tbilisi, who love to hit my arm asking for money, while another time in Ursguli, we fell into an argument with the hostel owner, as we camped for 10Lari and he suddenly asked for 5Lari extra when we leave and pay, as we have used his kitchen. He was screaming and almost attacked me when we insisted for the unexpected gas usage money back. Eventually, our persistent triumphed and he just gave us the money, asked us to leave right away and nothing else happened when he calmed down promptly, while we packed our tents and backpacks. The spark is strong but short, like firework. Just be firm and calm and you would be fine.

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