Saturday, December 21, 2013

Extreme government service in Georgia

Its comforting to find a tourist information centre when we reached any city. The tourist information staff always commend perfect English and is helpful in answering all questions. In Bojormi, the staff even post his mobile number at the door in case tourist have after hour of inquiries. He even helped us to translate our questions to the post office lady on the phone. There are always free map, brochure and we always find hostel information and restaurant recommendations. They sometimes arrange tours as well.

We also heard from local that those newly furnished government service building provide one-stop-shop and you queue up in one line for any inquiries about all government services. And you register a new company or renew a lost ID card in a few hours, for example.


There are always payment machine as many as ATM everywhere in Georgia. We could easily add-value for our phone card, bus card, retrieve train tickets and make payment for public services. Some machine will charge a commission and others not. We seldom enjoyed such 24/7 convenience in any country around the world.

In the past, the government admitted that with its Soviet influence, the police department especially was very corrupted and there was a movement that they fired most officers and tried very best to fight corruption with their new officers. While we were hitchhiking in Svaleti, we got picked up a few times by a police car. They seems to be rather friendly and helpful. My friend in Tbilisi once got his wallet stolen and reported to the police. He said in 6 hours, they called to reporting that its found! Amazing efficiency. I wonder how they did that!?

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